Now Open: City’s Online Public Comment

Evanston Online Public Comment

The Evanston Clerk’s Office has rolled out the City’s first online public comment portal.

Evanston Online Public Comment
Click to go to City of Evanston’s Newly Launched Public Comment Online Portal

Before today, anyone who wanted to address City Council through public comment had to sign up prior to the Council meeting, and were restricted to a time limit dependent on the total number of speakers.

City Clerk Devon Reid said primary objectives of the initiative were to expand the voices heard on Council to residents not able to attend a meeting, and to allow those who do sign up and speak the opportunity to complete their comment should they not be allotted sufficient time.

Public comments submitted through the portal will appear on the meeting minutes. The online comment form requires residents to include their names and ward number, and allows them to specify an agenda topic, and to type in or upload their comment.

The Clerk had initially announced an expanded public comment program at the June Rules Committee Meeting, but some alderpeople expressed concerns and the Mayor told Reid to push the full launch until it could be discussed at the August Rules meeting.

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