Investing in Our Youth

As parents, we all want our children to reach their fullest potential, be self-sufficient and give back to their families and communities. Children across the socio-economic divide are born with similar abilities, but vastly different opportunities.

It’s been proven that a solid foundation and support system paves the way for academic success, fewer behavioral issues and greater economic prospects. Investments in future generations reduce the rates of incarceration, unintended pregnancies and grandparents tasked with the responsibility of raising grandchildren.

We must address and evaluate the localized inequalities and issues that affect our city’s youth and be proactive in reducing the widening opportunity and achievement gap.

Statistics of Economically-Disadvantaged Youth
Fill the Age Gaps of Affordable, Accessible & High-Quality Childcare
Support & Equip Parents with the Resources to Advocate for their Children
Increase Access to Affordable Enrichment Activities & After-School Programs
Expand Pathways to Achievement
Expand Pathways to Higher Education
Expand Pathways to Support & Rehabilitation