Evanston Spent $230K on Membership Dues in Last Year

City of Evanston Spending Memberships

The City of Evanston spent just under $230,000 on membership dues in the last 12 months, including personal Rotary Club memberships for the City Manager, according to the City’s Bills List.


Almost $95,000 went to personal and professional memberships for city officials and staff, as well as City award/recognition memberships


75% of those funds were paid to City Council officials and the City Manager’s office.


These membership dues weren’t budget-cut options on the City’s Priority-Based Budgeting list.

The dues account for savings higher than 13 of the budget-cut options, such as the Summer Food Program/Child Nutrition Program ($53,129). Membership Dues come from the City’s General Fund.

City of Evanston Spending Memberships
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Public Membership Services

The remaining dues went to public membership services, such as the regional crime lab.

City Council: General Fund

2018-19 Northwest Municipal Conference Membership Dues $25,528
2018 National League of Cities Membership Dues $5,952
2018 U.S. Conference of Mayors Membership Dues (S. Hagerty) $5,269
2018 Il. Municipal League Membership Dues $3,500
2016-17 Metropolitan Mayors’ Caucus Dues (S. Hagerty) $3352
2018 Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning Membership Dues $2,833
Total $46,434

City Manager’s Office: General Fund

Public Technology Membership Dues (E. Storlie) $5,000
Star Cities Membership & Renewal $4,000
Alliance for Innovation Membership Renewal $3,980
Global Philanthropy Partnership Networking Membership Fees (2 years) (K. Jensen) $2,850
IGFOA Government Finance Officers Association $1,915
Rotary Club of Evanston Membership Dues (2 years for W. Bobkiewicz) $1,625
International City Management Assoc. (ICMA) Membership Dues (W. Bobkiewicz) $1,400
ILCM Membership Dues (E. Storlie) $1,280
Local Government News Membership Dues $960
NFBPA Membership Dues $650
ILCMA Membership Dues (W. Bobkiewicz) $458
Emerging Government Leaders Network Membership $300
International City Management Assoc. (ILCMA) Membership Dues $200
Urban Sustainability Directors Network Membership Dues $100
Total $24,718