We are a Pro-Good Government community not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting civic engagement in local government by:

  • Equipping, informing and empowering residents to self-advocate in a more inclusive decision-making process;
  • Resolving existing barriers and knowledge gaps;
  • Breaking down complexities of government planning, procedure, regulation, action and effects;
  • Analyzing policy and budgetary proposals and actions; and
  • Researching how policies work in action.

Our overarching objective is to compel the City of Evanston government to:

  • Promote and uphold the highest standards of integrity, responsiveness and accountability to ensure that government policies are made in the best interest of the public.
  • Foster a high level of trust and confidence in the functioning of local government through an open and equitable decision-making process.
  • Ensure City representatives avoid any improprieties in their roles as public servants and within the performance of their public duties.

We seek to involve City representatives who are equally committed to these goals.


Adopted, in part, from ProPublica

Our mission is to promote government accountability by using investigative community journalism to spur reform through sustained spotlighting and reporting.

We believe:

  • Public trust in local government is integral to the effectiveness of its actions, and is dependent upon responsive and accountable public officials and staff.
  • Municipal laws intended to deter corrupt action can only be effective if the City demonstrates expedient and unprejudiced enforcement of its sanctions.


Presently the City of Evanston lacks independent oversight, adjudication procedures and legal interpretation for civil claims made by residents against the City and its representatives.

The individuals who serve on the current adjudicatory and advisory bodies—entrusted to evaluate and regulate violating actions by City officials and staff—also:

  • Exist in their roles at the discretion of the officials and staff over who they are intended to regulate;
  • Are comprised of members and staff who are appointed by the City and/or provide legal counsel to the City and City representatives;
  • Can be removed from their roles by those officials and staff in retaliation for enforcement of their duties
  • Report to and/or are supervised by City representatives;
  • Have demonstrated reluctance to provide procedural information to aggrieved residents appealing or making claims against City action;
  • Are precluded from providing counsel to aggrieved residents appealing or making claims against City action;
  • Have taken measures to deter and limit resident rights in making appeals and claims against City action.


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