Vision of a Neighborhood Digital Community

A digital homebase is an opportunity to enhance the transparency, engagement, efficiency and collaboration within our community. Digital community services can serve to complement, not replace, in-person meetings and other interactions.

Test out the Demo Site

(Site may be a bit slow as it’s not hosted on its own server)

A Portal should serve to:

  • Inform residents up-to-date relevant news

  • Manage real-time status updates for complaints/issues

  • Allow more opportunities for resident participation

  • Summarize City Council activities into quickly digestable formats with impact reports

  • Engage residents to provide feedback and discuss neighborhood topics

  • Broadcast announcements and reports from the ward’s block clubs and community groups

  • Share upcoming events

  • Link to information from the city and partner agencies

  • Facilitate cross-community project and event planning

  • Track development of local initiatives and projects

Additionally, the Portal should:

  • Be open exclusively to Evanston neighborhood residents

  • Contain user privacy and security protections

  • Include content and resources in Spanish